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A comprehensive step-by-step series of videos covering all aspects of infant massage. Videos cover an overview of the program, preparing to massage your baby, colic & gas, quiet alert, sleepy time, teething, and preemie massage. Once you purchase your videos you will be sent a link and passcode to access the video files from any desktop or phone.

All 6 videos — just $24.95

“The 2 classes I took from Colleen have been a blessing in our lives. It has created such a wonderful bond between us that he still claps (age 2) after its over!” — Jami Josephson-Chace

“Colleen is an amazing, intuitive instructor. She really helped me and my daughter survive colic when she was small through infant massage techniques. I highly recommend her classes and her massage services.” — Janette Harris Phillips


Learn the Art of Infant Massage with these special 2-hour

Mommy and Baby Classes

Sleepyhead Bedtime Massage
Helps baby relax and releases tensions of daily stimuli to promote peaceful sleep.

Bubbly Baby After-Bath Massage
Enhances baby bonding and attachment. Creates a loving intimate communication between you and your baby.

Bye-Bye Gas & Colic Massage
Reduces gassy colic and intestinal difficulties. Decreases irritability and excessive crying.

No More Tears Teething Massage
Head and facial massage counterbalances pain responses to calm your anxious teething baby.

2 Easy Ways to Learn!

Playdates: Set up your own 2-hour infant massage playdate by hosting 3-5 mommies and their babies at your home. You choose the class you would like to host. You get to take the class for half-price. Call or email for pricing and scheduling.

Private Lessons: For Mommy/ Baby plus 1 (could be your spouse, a grandparent or caregiver). Learn all four techniques in a 2 hour one-on-one session. Call or email for pricing and scheduling.

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