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It is never to soon or too late to treat yourself to a prenatal massage. I started seeing Colleen early into my second pregnancy and continued to do so frequently until the day I was induced. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced and knowledgeable prenatal massage therapist. I had some pre-existing hip pain and as my pregnancy progressed, the baby was positioned on my sciatic nerve, which caused me to become very uncomfortable. However, with each session I had with Colleen, my pain was relieved and I always left feeling relaxed.


Shaklee Vitamins — I had been taking what was labeled as a pharmaceutical grade prenatal vitamin for the first two or three months of my pregnancy before I switched to the Shaklee Vitalizer plan which includes daily vitamins and a nutrient-dense protein shake. I was shocked at the difference I felt almost immediately after I began taking them. My mood was brighter, my energy was more stable and my food cravings were much more manageable (as much as one could expect during pregnancy!). The vitamin strip became something that I looked forward to taking everyday, another obvious sign to me about how desperately my body needed those nutrients. As someone who also struggled heavily with mood swings and sugar cravings before pregnancy, I cannot say enough about how satiated the Shaklee vitamin and shake combination made me feel each day. I was able to practice yoga, go hiking (even the day before I gave birth!) and keep up with a brand new puppy all the way up to my son’s birth. I credit wholly the health and energy I felt during my pregnancy to the nutrients provided by this system.

Comforts and Labor Class — Colleen came to my home in order to instruct myself and my husband in the practices of comforts during labor. Being in my own home, where I planned to labor as long as possible, made me feel not only comfortable but also quite able to envision the actual process we would soon be going through. Colleen thoroughly detailed the type of experience I was to expect, which was great to hear as a first time mother and gave me great peace. She guided us through supportive practices and made sure we were able to do them correctly and effectively, giving us both the confidence we needed to go into labor with a positive and relaxed attitude.

The other invaluable part of the class was when Colleen described to us the common interventions and hospital practices performed as well as their functions. This allowed me and my husband time to prepare a detailed birth plan that would help us to have the delivery experience we desired with the support of an informed staff. I cannot tell you how glad I was that I felt able to field certain questions in the delivery room simply because I was educated on what they were offering and how it would affect my delivery. I can say whole-heartedly that Colleen did the best and most thorough job in preparing us for birth, and we must credit her to having such a wonderful experience bringing our son into this world.

Jami Josephson-Chace

The 2 classes I took from Colleen have been a blessing in our lives. It has created such a wonderful bond between us that he still claps (age 2) after its over!

Janette Harris Phillips

Colleen is an amazing, intuitive instructor. She really helped me and my daughter survive colic when she was small through infant massage techniques. I highly recommend her classes and her massage services.


Colleen is wonderful. She is a patient & tender instructor. Her infant baby massage techniques are invaluable and we still use them 14 months later!


Colleen – Holy cow! I kept up the belly messages and Connor has pooped three times in the past 12 hours. The poor kid had so much in there – he clearly feels so much better, Thanks you – you rock!


Making us closer and more in tune to her needs.


What i liked most was it was very clean and hands on. I love it all, It will bring us closer and more in tune to her body.


I like best, making my baby smile with massage. I see it helping us connect better and another tool to help her relax.


Presents a positive, bonding and calming experience.


I can’t thank you enough for Thatcher’s little massage yesterday. It was awesome to see how effective a quick little massage was. Within 10 or 15 minutes he had a pooped diaper!!!! YEA!!! And again today WOW!!! I really had my doubts but the proof is in the diaper 🙂 It worked Great!!! It was terrible to see him in such pain & discomfort. I would recommend all Moms to know about this option. A Thankful Gi Gi (stands for glamorous grand mom)


I’ve actually used the stomach massage a couple times on Kaylee when she has had trouble pooping and it’s definitely helped! I also use some relaxation strokes when getting her ready for bed! Is there a massage that keeps her asleep through the night?

Laura — 2 1/2 month old son Ethan Zane

“Since I started using infant massage on Ethan, we’ve stopped adding prune juice to his bottles to help him poop. He is now pooping better on his own. I am very grateful for the techniques Colleen has taught me. Infant Massage is a unique way for me to bond with Ethan and also helps relieve excess gas.”

Tracy — 5 month old Brady

“Gave Brady leg and foot massage an hour before his last bottle. He really enjoyed it.. He was smiling, making noises, looking and laughing at me. He allowed me to do the hands over hand and water wheel (on his tummy) . He liked doing the knees up ..”

Jillian — Held sessions 2 weeks before her delivery and 2 weeks after her delivery. When we started massage at home, Madelyn was 2 weeks old.

“Madelyn was very fussy and restless and hadn’t been going to the bathroom for 24 hours. I gave her a stomach, back and chest massage and 5 minutes later she had a bowl movement.”..Madelyn has been receiving massages very after and now that I realize she enjoys them, and I can do quick massages when I have an extra minute. For example… very gassy today and wouldn’t sleep, I gave her a tummy and face massage and she loved it. She fell asleep and soon thereafter she had a bowl movement.. burped several times… ”

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